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It is YOUR responsibility to ensure all electrical appliances are secured. Ensure all entry doors and windows are shut, locked, and free of damage. If water enters your home or building we will not take responsibility as our cleaning process is meant to be safe and effective. DYNAMIC SERVICES INC. DBA Hydrodynamic ESC does not take responsibility of any damage occurring due to improper installation or previous damaged to windows, doors, or electrical outlets. Fires and electrical shortages are not our responsibility in the event any broken, defective, or otherwise improperly installed outlets are accidentally hit with our chemical & water during the cleaning process.. We do not take responsibility for water entering the home under any circumstances as our low pressure soft-wash is meant to be easy on homes. We strive to be efficient and safe with all of our work. Materials or furniture outdoors must be secured, moved, or covered if the piece of furniture is not outdoor rated - any cushions, clothes, shoes, and any other things not meant to be outdoor must be put inside. If our technician locates any non-outdoor materials/personal items - we will attempt to relocate them to be free of our chemical cleaning process or otherwise skip sections. Please note: all customers are required to stay clear of chemical at any point in the process of cleaning your home/facility. If this is a business operating during hours where we are cleaning, we will not accept responsibility for damage to customers clothing under any conditions. We do not want to expose you to chemical droplets on your clothing or inside of home. Always call us or inform us before you decide to exit your home or office while we are in the process of cleaning. If you’re a business using our services you must notify your customers that we are using chemicals and are cleaning the exterior of your building. We are not responsible for paint chipping, stains, streaks left on paint or windows, and any occurring result of the chemical treating process. Vehicles on the customers property must be moved off of the sections we are cleaning and all areas of the home or office must be checked prior to cleaning IE. Windows and doors. Windows may become fogged due to broken seals - in this case we do not take responsibility for foggy windows on double pane glass. Water entry at any point on the customers home or office is not our responsibility. Please make note of any damages to your home or office that possibly could cause problems while cleaning your home or office before we arrive- please inform us by simply calling or emailing us at 404-248-2900 / . Informing our technician of known damages to your home or office is highly encouraged. Fires resulting from broken exterior home outlets; water entry on all points of the home or business during the cleaning process; & highly sensitive plants killed as a result of our cleaning process is not our responsibility. Please ensure all of the above mentioned are addressed prior to our arrival. 


As a customer it is a responsibility to inform us of any changes to the scheduled appointment time usually within a day or two. We are not necessarily strict, however; last minute cancellations that arise can affect our schedule and day-to-day business operations. Our last minute cancellation fee is 63 cents per mile of our office location and to the services address provided both directions. Addresses that are different than provided can cause arrival delays and cancellations- in this case, we respectfully ask you to inform us before we head your way.


DYNAMIC SERVICES INC. is authorized under these terms to obtain and retain said customer related information such as name ( first and last ); email addresses; phone numbers; home and business addresses; and contacts of interest. DYNAMIC SERVICES INC. does not record confidential banking information under any circumstances. Our technicians and employees will collect payment either on-site, over the phone, or through the instructions laid out in the invoice. We take customer confidentiality to a high standard. 


As the customer, you are responsible to pay upon completion of the services provided to you. After 14 calendars days we do collect a minimum fee of $50.00 for undisclosed or communicative reasons, as-well as being marked late. We understand your expectations and hope to exceed them with using us. We will allow you up to 3 consecutive days to inspect all work after the date of completion. Please avoid all issues by following the terms on the invoice or just by simply calling or emailing us 24/7 throughout the week. Payments that fall out of the 14-day period are subject to interest. Refunds/reimbursements are the businesses discretion depending on multiple factors. We would like to remedy and clear any and all issues before proceeding with options. Bounced checks will pay a bank bounce fee plus an additional $75.00 reacquisition fee for collecting payment once more. Chargebacks are responsible for paying any bank fees along with a reacquisition fee of $75.00. Your satisfaction is our goal. If you have any issues with our services you can always call us. 

Terms of Service

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